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Join us for the
Sis BLOOM Conference


There are Limited Quantities on ALL registration types and PROMOTIONS.

Ticket prices are subject to change at any time.


  • Where will the Sis BLOOM Conference 2024 be located?
    The Sis BLOOM Conference 2024 will be held at the Cleveland Marriott East. We encourage guest to stay the night in the hotel and yes sis we have a room block!
  • When will the Sis BLOOM Conference 2024 occur?
    Will be held April 26 & 27
  • How will I be notified when the speakers and sessions are announced?
    Announcements will also be made via our conference website and email.
  • What are the registration levels for the Sis BLOOM Conference 2024?
    We offer two registration types, VIP and General Admission.
  • How can I purchase group registration?
    Group registrations are for groups of 6 or more women and are available. Group registrations require the order to be paid in full instead of each woman in the group paying separately under the group’s name. Seating for the conference is not assigned per registration but is designated based on your group’s registration level. As long as your group arrives together for each session and the number of seats you need are available upon your arrival, you all will be able to sit together. Seats in each registration level are first come, first serve. If you want to purchase a group registration email us at
  • Do we have assigned seats?
    VIP and General Admission sections will be clearly identified. Seats in each section will be first come, first serve.
  • Will there be a virtual experience?
    At this time, we do not have plans for a virtual experience.
  • Does the Sis BLOOM Conference offer payment plans?
    YES! we do accept Afterpay
  • If my plans have to change, can I get a refund?
    All sales are final and nonrefundable.
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